Wall Cover Plants for Your Newark, NJ Industrial Property for Sale

If there’s a large wall near the entryway to your office and you’ve been puzzling over how to pretty it up, this article has the answers for you – plants! They are low maintenance (usually), cheap, exceptionally pretty, and they can quickly spread and use up an area. Read on to find out which are the best plants for covering up a large wall or fence in your Newark, NJ industrial property for sale.

The best plants to cover up a wall or fence

Here are some of the best plants for covering up a wall or fence in your office space, based on several factors such as invasiveness, aesthetic appeal, amount of maintenance required, availability, etc.

  1. Ivy

From Gardening Etc.: “For easy evergreen coverage, ivy is one of the best plants for garden walls. Self-clinging, it doesn’t require any frame to clamber up, and it offers shelter and berries for birds, as well as nectar for bees.

In the northern hemisphere, they are one of the top plants for north-facing walls and are best in the cool semi-shade of a north or east-facing wall, where they grow lush and glossy.

Persian ivies (such as ‘Sulphur Heart’) have attractive big leaves, as does Canary Island ivy (Hedera canariensis). Some species (including H. helix and H. canariensis) are considered invasive plants in the US, so check what is advised in your area. Plant in well-drained neutral to alkaline soil.”

  1. Climbing roses

Climbing roses climb, which is why they are perfect for a wall or fence-like structure at your Newark, NJ industrial property for sale. The best thing is that if you plant it on your property, it will enhance its aesthetic appeal and curbside appeal, which will increase its value.

The plant is fairly winter hardy, so the wall cover should last the year. However, before buying, check the hardiness zone in your area if you’d like it to provide winter interest.

The plant will need regular maintenance and a basic framework to latch on to, but as long as these two simple conditions are fulfilled, your climbing rose will grow beautifully, producing decadent little flowers that will light up your office space.

  1. Honeysuckle

From Gardening Knowhow: “Everyone recognizes the lovely fragrance of a honeysuckle plant and the sweet taste of its nectar. Honeysuckles are heat-tolerant and wildly attractive in any garden. A honeysuckle plant is a great addition to any landscape and will draw abundant wildlife with its sweet, yellow to bright-red blossoms.

Honeysuckles (Lonicera spp.) belong to a large family that consists of hardy shrubs and vines that grow in almost every state in America. There are over 180 different varieties of honeysuckle. Some are deciduous and some, in warmer regions, are evergreen. Because of their versatility and abundance, growing and caring for honeysuckle vines is easy.”

  1. Hydrangea

If you have a sunny spot that you’d like to cover up – whether it’s an ugly AC unit outside, a short fence that doesn’t belong, or something different, hydrangeas are the perfect plant for you! Not only can they tolerate partial shade and provide nectar for pollinators, but they also bear beautiful, creamy white flowers that will pretty up any space and make it look gorgeous and dreamy.

Pileostegia viburnoides would make the perfect addition to your Newark, NJ industrial property for sale. Just plant it somewhere it’ll be happy, and watch it thrive!

  1. Passionflower

Hardy down to US zone 7, this plant can spread up to 12 feet wide, and bear gorgeous, exotic looking flowers.

From Gardening Etc.: “The fabulous blooms of passion flower are straight out of the jungle and make one of the best tropical plants. Their flowers are produced in abundance from early summer into fall. Evergreen in warm climates, it will easily clad a large wall if given a frame (such as wires or trellis) to twine itself to.

The hardiest, Passiflora caerulea, still benefits from a sunny, sheltered wall. It has white and purple blooms and orange egg-shaped fruit. ‘Amethyst’ is not as hardy and has pale-purple flowers. Plant in moist, well-drained soil.”

  1. Virginia Creeper

This plant has gorgeous red fall color. It provides fall and winter interest, while growing fast and covering up unsightly walls or other areas. The plant isn’t very particular about soil type, so it’s ideal for growing outdoors, in an area that may have poor soil.

  1. Sausage Vine

This plant is great for those who want vertical interest and Spring blooms, as it can spread 10 feet wide but go up to 20 feet in height! It is evergreen in US zones 8-1, which means that it wouldn’t survive the brutal NJ winters…unless it’s indoors!

From Gardening Etc.: “Holboellia latifolia (syn. Stauntonia latifolia) doesn’t have the most elegant of names – broad-leaved sausage vine – but it’s a superb evergreen climbing plant. The substantial, dense, glossy green leaves are paired with mauve, red-purple, or cream-lime spring flowers that smell of melon and jasmine, and edible sausage-shaped purple fall fruit.

Plant in fertile, retentive, well-drained soil against a sheltered wall in sun. In cold areas, it is only semi-evergreen. Prune after flowering to keep its vigor in check.”

So, these were some of the best plants for your office space or warehouse. Not only will they hide an ugly wall or problem area and soften up the area, but they’ll actually add something to it – usually flowers. As long as the plant gets some sunlight, is watered and fertilized regularly and is generally kept happy, you should see great results.

Go to your local garden center or nursery to learn more, because which plant is ideal for you will differ a little based on local factors such as weather and humidity, soil type, etc.

Which plant is the best for your Newark, NJ industrial property for sale?

From Gardening Etc.:” Angus White, founder of the Architectural Plants nursery, believes Holboellia latifolia, also known as sausage vine, is a great choice for full coverage: ‘It’s dense, leafy, vigorous and evergreen. The only other climber we do with those attributes is Clematis armandi, but clematis are always thin at the bottom. This isn’t.

‘It will form dense foliage all over whatever it’s growing up or over. The smell of these small creamy spring-flowering plants is nothing short of delicious. Holboelia will cover a house given half a chance but responds well to a good haircut and is easy to control.’”

Giving a plant a ‘haircut’ is easy. Just take a pair of pruners, and cut out any dead, diseased, weak or crossing branches, and if the plant is overgrown and needs to be cut back, take the pruners to it and cut it back to a third of its size. Usually it’s a golden rule to not cut back a plant by more than a third of its total volume, but sometimes it is necessary to cut it back, in which case you cut the plant down to soil level.

Why grow plants on a wall?

You should consider growing plants on a wall as opposed to just painting it or using tile, because unlike paint or tile, plants are dynamic. You’ll see something new every day, and with the changing seasons, the plant will provide different looks and retain your interest.

A painted or tiled wall fades into obscurity and becomes one with the property, but a wall decked out with vines will pop and catch the eye. It could be the highlight of your property, and although it requires some amount of maintenance, the cost and effort is more than worth it (especially if it’s a low maintenance plant) for the amount of oy the plant will bring to you and your employees.

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