Choosing a Brand Name: Tips for Your Retail Space for Rent in NJ

You find yourself daydreaming about the perfect retail space for rent in NJ, but realize that your company hasn’t yet been created. We’ve all been there – jumping too far ahead in our daydreams and moving on to the fun stuff, the decorating and the organizing.

However, before you get too carried away, it’s time to get your feet firmly planted on the ground, and to start with the first step. So, let’s pick an awesome brand name for your company, and get the ball rolling.

In this blog, we will help you pick the perfect name for your company. Let’s jump right in!

Choosing your brand name

Dos and don’ts for choosing a brand name

Here are some simple dos and don’ts for choosing your brand name. Follow this advice, and you will find yourself on the track to creating a brand name that’s unique, easily recognizable, and something people will find easy to associate with your brand.

  1. Avoid hard-to-spell names

While you need to choose a name that’s unique, you should steer clear of picking one that’s hard to spell. Don’t make it too long or complicated, and try to avoid common misspellings and other issues that may result in your customers typing in an alternative brand name and finding a different company. This can cause confusion, and potentially even lead to you losing business.

  1. Choose a name that doesn’t affect scalability

Don’t pick a name like “Fresh Flowers NYC”, because if your company expands and you choose to open up in other cities, the name simply won’t work. Instead, go for more general sounding names. Amazon, for instance, was initially created as an online bookstore. Imagine if Jeff Bezos picked a book-centric name!

  1. Don’t use a name someone else is using

Once you’ve picked a name, do a thorough internet search to see if another business is already using it. Chances are, you’ll find it has already been taken. Keep looking until you find a great one.

  1. Get hold of the .com domain name

People associate .com with more established, professional-sounding businesses, so try and pick a name where you can get a .com domain name for a reasonable cost. It will likely be taken, but often you can buy a domain name for a price. Go for this as opposed to .net, .biz, .org etc., as it’s a lot more appropriate and better remembered.

  1. Choose a meaningful name

The name you choose for your retail space for rent in NJ should ideally convey some meaning, as opposed to being something catchy but meaningless (Google, we’re thinking of you). The name should immediately tell people what your business is about – that makes it a lot easier to market your brand. It may also help you with SEO!

  1. Don’t get a forgettable name

You want something catchy (but meaningful), so people can easily remember your brand’s name. Besides, the last thing you want is for new employees to hesitate when telling people where they work – that’s not a good look!

  1. Get feedback from family and friends

Have a test audience give their feedback on several names, rating them on different aspects such as memorability, catchiness, ease of pronunciation, the right associations, etc. It might be a good idea to pick a test audience that isn’t familiar with your business idea, so their responses are more genuine and unbiased.

  1. Avoid clunky names

This is kind of a repeat of point number 6, but it’s important enough to bear repeating. Don’t choose a name that sounds awful, or is difficult to pronounce out loud. You want a name that flows off the tongue instead of catching on it or leaving people grimacing.

  1. Make sure you like it

While your test audience’s feedback is important, it’s also very important that you personally like the name. You are the business owner, and so the name you choose should be something that speaks and appeals to you. You don’t want something that sounds good to everyone but feels meaningless to you!

These were some dos and don’ts for choosing the perfect name for your soon-to-be retail space for rent in NJ. Choosing a brand name isn’t easy. It takes time and work, even if you’re using a tool. So sit down with pen and paper, and be prepared to give it time. And don’t try to decide the name in one sitting – give yourself time to mull it over and sleep on it before you come back to it.

More tips for choosing a brand name

Here are some excellent tips to mull over, courtesy of Business Name Generator:

  1. What makes your brand?

“Brands work as promises. They are assurances that the products made by that company will perform as expected.

It is a promise of quality and design. “People use brands to categorize their choices”.

A strong brand is a means of making people aware of what the company represents.”

  1. Consider your brand’s position

“Brand positioning is a key part of your marketing strategy. You need to constantly pay attention to your customer’s needs and desires “in order to create a competitive brand.”

Smart Brand positioning will enable you to actively reach and credibly talk to your identified target markets.

You need to have a solid understanding of the similarities and differences between you and your competitors to stand out from the crowd.

Think about your niche and the current trends within it.”

  1. Your brand identity is important

“…brand identity is how an organization identifies itself. Brand identity is the way an organization wants to be perceived in the marketplace.

This might be their quality, or perhaps it is identifying with a valuable charitable cause.

The brand Descended from Odin for example is a small clothing brand that has built an identity around the perception of Vikings as strong.

This makes their sportswear stand out in a competitive marketplace.

They built this perception around their name, and have supported it through a clever marketing campaign involving high-profile brand representatives.”

  1. Develop your brand’s image

“The brand image sits with the consumers, it is their perception of the brand and what it stands for.

Your brand image is created around more than just a name or a logo. Three of the main things you have to consider when realizing a brand image are:

  • The Logo
  • The Slogan
  • The Visual Identity

All three things should be interesting, engaging, memorable, unique, and above all consistent across all the marketing that goes towards building your brand image and identity.

They should support your brand values, positioning, and identity.”

  1. Sketch out your brand’s personality

“Brand personality is what stimulates an emotional response from your target markets.

“Creating emotional brand attachment is a key branding issue in today’s marketing world. One way to accomplish this is to match the brand’s personality with the consumer’s self.”

Dyson for example is an innovative, scientific, and smart approach to the creation and manufacturing of vacuum cleaners.

They take a rather dull everyday item and through their branding give it personality and flair, and we as consumers love it.”

These were some tips from Business Name Generator, on how to choose the ideal brand name for your dream retail space for rent in NJ. Choosing the right name is important because it’s the first step in setting your company up for success – so choose well!

Using tools

These were some tips that will help steer you on to the right path, but what if you’re lacking a vision and don’t have a jumping off point at all? Well, in that case, you can use a brand name generator.

There are several such services available online, many of them free, and on most such websites all you need to do is enter keywords related to your company (like “tech”, “fitness”, etc.) and the site will do the rest. Sites like Business Name Generator even check for domain availability, so you can get the perfect domain name for your company.

On BNG, you can also create a name for your blog, domain, podcast, product or store. Once you have a couple options, create a shortlist, and slowly narrow it down till you find the perfect fit.

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