Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Real Estate in NJ

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Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Real Estate in NJ


First off, congratulations on owning a piece of commercial real estate in NJ. It is a wise decision, a wonderful investment, and certainly a lot of work. When you put a lot of effort into owning something as substantial as commercial real estate in NJ, it would be very prudent to properly maintain the property.

It’s a no-brainer that taking preventative steps to keep your building well cared for will not only save you tons of money in the long term, it will impress clients, and create a more efficient work space. Interestingly enough, the property maintenance tips look different depending upon where you live. This list focuses on maintenance tips for commercial real estate in NJ specifically, though if you live in a neighboring state, these tips will still be relevant.

While it may feel daunting to tackle all of the property maintenance steps, this list will hopefully lay it all out in a clear and easy to digest manner. Take it one step at a time and hire out for a good bit of the process. We also advise you to spread out the maintenance tips throughout the year. Some tips are best addressed in certain seasons, and some tips can be addressed whenever it is convenient for you. Either way, be sure to stay organized and proactive so that your experience owning commercial real estate in NJ is as enjoyable and economical as possible.


Our Top 15 Maintenance Tips for Commercial Real Estate in NJ

Here are some of our best tips for keeping your industrial property in tip-top shape:

Roof Maintenance –

A yearly roof check, best done in the spring, is an important part of taking care of your building. Clear the roof from collected debris, like fallen leaves, and do a check to make sure no shingles are broken. Taking good care of your roof means you are less likely to have leaks. Leaks cause all sorts of damage and mold – so definitely stay on top of roof care!

Pipes –

Each fall you need to make sure your pipes are insulated and prepared for winter. We all know the danger and frustration that can take place from frozen or burst pipes. Frozen or burst pipes can cause your water bill to skyrocket and wastes so much water. There is also potential for mold and rot to grow when there is damage to the pipes because they love damp conditions.

Gutters –

With the longer days of summer, you will have more time to take care of some routine maintenance like clearing out the gutters. Contact your local handyman to give you a quote. They will ensure your gutters are clear and flowing properly.

Lawn Maintenance –

Lawn maintenance is a big category that is spread out throughout the year. Having a well maintained lawn is attractive to neighbors, clients, customers, and tenants. Regular weeding looks nice and also helps to prevent fire threats. After a long winter, you may want to plant some decorative annuals, and assess any damage that may have occurred throughout the winter. In the fall, be sure to rake regularly.

Also, it is wise to hire a talented and experienced gardener to come by each month for routine lawn care. Discuss the aesthetic you are going for and they will help choose the right plants and plant placement. Many people who pass by your building will notice things like your landscaping, so it is definitely worth working with an adept gardener. For safety, you need to regularly clear your property of threatening trees or branches that could fall and cause damage to any buildings or parking spots where cars may be.

Clean hardscape –

A good pressure washing will remove dirt and make your property look fresh. Caring properly for your hardscape will help make the rest of your landscaping pop. It is best to do hardscape cleaning in spring after the snow melts. This can generally get done once a year.

Lights –

For energy saving lighting, you may need to update from incandescent lighting to LED or CFL. An incentive to stay ahead of the game with your commercial real estate maintenance is the money you save by making economical decisions like this one.

Windows –

Windows and doors are the focal point for ensuring temperature control within the building. Are there gaps allowing for heat to escape or cold to come in? Is all the hard work your AC unit is doing escaping through cracks? Make sure to weather proof in the spring and fall before the more extreme weather. Consider installing energy saving windows to maximize insulation and further cut down on the energy bill. Spring is a great time to deep clean windows – though some prefer window cleaning every month!

Security –

When is the last time you updated your security and alarm system? Do you have cameras in place? This is a crucial step in preventing vandalism and in making everyone in your building feel as safe as possible.


This aspect of owning commercial real estate in NJ can certainly cause headaches. The best way to avoid the HVAC system from straight up breaking is to regularly do tune ups. You definitely want to have a check each spring, to ensure the air conditioning will suffice for the hot summer months, and you also want to do a tune-up in fall to ensure your heating unit will suffice for winter. Having a well-maintained HVAC system can also improve air quality.

Painting –

Presentation is everything with your clients, and a poor or old paint job stands out like a sore thumb. Choose appealing colors and hire an experienced painter to update your building’s paint job every 3-5 years.

Pest Control –

It is common practice to have an exterminator do pest prevention once a month. You need to be rodent and pest free for maximum cleanliness. Summer is a good time to do more extensive checks as the longer hours of sunlight allow for more time.

Safety –

The U.S Fire Administration advises property owners to replace the batteries on their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors once or twice a year. They also advise you to test the detectors once a month for optimal safety. Even with regular battery replacement, there will come a time in which you need to replace the detectors themselves.

Floors –

It is crucial to stay on top of floor repairs. You do not want hazards where people are walking.  If your floors get wet regularly, they will need more frequent replacement and repairs. Make sure to have caution signs handy for spills that can occur at any given time. Floors need to be cleaned regularly – as in every day – to extend their durability. With so many different types of flooring, comes so many different types of maintenance.

Carpet, for example, may have a warranty that lasts up to 25 years – but you need to upkeep cleanliness. And when the time comes to replace carpet, keep in mind the off-gassing that occurs after a fresh install. If you install good quality flooring and take proper care of it, you will likely only need to replace it once every 10-20 years.

Drainage Systems –

Soil expands and contracts throughout the seasons and could cause damage to your buildings foundation if your drainage system is not functioning properly. Make sure water and snow melt are able to drain efficiently from all sides of the building. Floods and pools of water can cause a lot of damage.

Snow removal –

You need to be aggressive with snow removal. Snow can be detrimental to the asphalt in your parking lots and the concrete on your sidewalks. It causes cracks and potholes. Snow also creates a dangerous and slippery condition for pedestrians. Most contractors offer snow removal services and can be at your property early morning before anyone arrives. Have a reliable contractor you can depend upon.

For further precaution, sprinkle salt on any potential icy areas. Everyone who enters the building will inevitably be tracking in snow, even if you stay on top of timely removal. Having a hardy door mat will help reduce the amount of moisture and slickness that gets onto the floors.

Hopefully this list has helped to clarify some of the most important action steps in caring for your commercial real estate in NJ. Our state experiences all 4 seasons, which is one of the many beautiful reasons we love to live here. But the true winters, and the hot summers definitely make it important to stay on top of preventative care.


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