Deep Cleaning Guide for Your Office Space for Rent in NJ

cleaning your office space for rent nj

Deep Cleaning Guide for Your Office Space for Rent in NJ

It’s a worrying time for businesses, because many are open with limitations, while some are still closed. Profits are down, and if you have an office space for rent in NJ, you’ll still have to pay the rent. While we can’t do anything about the pandemic, we can make productive use of the time we have as a result. For business owners, this might be the perfect time to give their office space a good, deep clean. Blau & Berg is here with a quick guide for cleaning your office or store.

Why it’s a good time to deep-clean your office space for rent in NJ

Why is right now a good time for cleaning your office or store? There are three main reasons:

  1. You have more free time than usual

If your business has been open part-time or shut completely (as in the case of salons, non-essential stores and certain offices), you probably have some extra time on your hands. You can put this time to good use by tackling a necessary chore.

  1. Cleaning is relaxing

During stressful times, doing something repetitive and mindless can be relaxing. Cleaning is the perfect example of such a chore. Identify dirty areas, saturate with cleaning solution, and scrub away till it’s clean. It’ll be tiring, but it will give your mind a break, and you’ll feel better after the exercise.

  1. Deep-cleaning is necessary

Every once in a while, it’s important that you deep-clean the office, getting all the little nooks and crannies cleaned out. Deep-cleaning isn’t something we do often, so the dirt builds up in little hidden areas of your home or office. Every year (or couple years, depending on dirt accumulation), you’ll have to get out all the cleaning supplies and put in some serious elbow grease to tackle all these areas. If you don’t, the dirt build-up will reach a point where it’ll become a problem.

While some businesses may be able to hire cleaners, small business owners or independent store owners may find it much more affordable to simply take some time out and clean the space themselves.


How to deep-clean your office

Deep-cleaning your office space for rent in NJ will require time and effort, so make sure you understand the steps thoroughly, so you can create a rough plan and maximize your efficiency. After all, it may be soothing, but at the end of the day you don’t want to waste more energy than you have to.

Here are some of the steps involved in deep-cleaning:

  1. Dust windowsills, and vacuum behind desks

Dust likes to hide out in unseen spots, so dust windowsills, picture frames, computer cabinets, and behind tables and in corners. Vacuum the carpet once you’re done dusting, because the dust will inevitably fall to the floor. Remove cobwebs using a makeshift duster (keep a separate one if you see a lot of cobwebs).

  1. Clean tile grout

The grouting in your tile can get gross if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. You can clean it with special cleaning products, or with a baking soda paste. Cleaning it involves time and lots of elbow grease, and if that isn’t your thing, you might want to consider a power washer. If you’re cleaning wall tiles, an aggressive cleaning product should get most of the dirt out without flooding your office with water.

  1. Throw out extra pens

To get your desk looking tidier immediately, go through your pen stand (and drawers), and throw all the pens you don’t use (or which are unusable) into the trash. From “Do you even need to bother checking all of the pens to see which ones work and which are duds? Start by tossing anything from a hotel, doctor’s office or golf course.  Keep pens with sentimental value, of course, especially if you can refill the ink. Toss the rest. If you don’t own a pencil sharpener, donate them to a student.”

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items

While you’re cleaning the desk, go through it and toss cards, toys and other items as well. Lifehack says: “It feels nice to get a card or thoughtful gift from a friend at work. Even if you didn’t get the present from a colleague, these things make your desk feel like home, understood. Don’t become one of those people with the desks that look like a museum.”

  1. Disinfect doorknobs and other unnoticed spots

Think of places people touch often – doorknobs, table tops, keyboards, etc. If you accept credit cards, the card reader machine will need cleaning too. Clean these with a damp rag to remove the grime and disinfect them using a sanitizing product.

  1. Clean your chairs

We bet you didn’t think of those! Your office space for rent in NJ probably has at least a few chairs, and these rarely get cleaned properly. Molly Maid shares tips for cleaning your chairs:

“Use a vacuum with an upholstery brush to remove any loose dust or debris. Use a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaning spray to wipe down any hard surfaces or parts. If the cushion fabric is water-safe, use a spray bottle with a few drops of dish soap to spot-clean the fabric. Use this cleaning method for mesh and plastic office chairs. To clean upholstery that isn’t water-safe, fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and 20 drops of essential oils. Use this to disinfect the fabric and remove spots or stains.”

  1. Clean your plants

If you have a few plants around the office, clean them thoroughly – the outside is the really important part, but if you have time you can consider giving the plant a good prune as well. Wipe off all dust and dirt from the leaves and stems, and dust the container. Move the pot and saucer aside and vacuum under them. Now you can prune the plant, trim its roots, fertilize and do whatever else is required so your plant feels as fresh as the rest of your office!

  1. Clean your electronics

Give your computer a thorough wipe-down, making sure to clean the mouse, track pad or other surfaces you touch thoroughly. Clean all other electronics at your office space, and dust the cables. If they’re exposed to open air, it’s a good idea to wipe them down with a moist rag. If your cables are a tangled mess, consider organizing them with zip ties or a cable organizer (you can buy one on Amazon).


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Tips to ensure maximum efficiency while cleaning

Here are some additional tips which’ll help you be more efficient while cleaning:

  1. Whenever possible, clean from top to bottom. This means that any dirt which may work loose or drip down will fall down onto a dirty area, instead of onto a space you’ve just cleaned.
  2. Vacuum or sweep the floor one last time after you’re done cleaning the entire space, to give it a nice, clean look. Because even if you’ve mopped the floors, chances are certain spots will get dirty again because of loose dirt, or due to dirt on the soles of your feet. It isn’t practical to leave the floor completely dirty until the end, either. So clean it as it makes sense to you, but give it a final swipe at the end.
  3. Work in sections. This makes it easy to see how much you’ve done and how much is left, and also makes the results more visible.
  4. Make lists. These will help you plan ahead, so you don’t have to rush back and forth getting supplies and doing things you forgot. You’ll need a list of things to do, and another one of cleaning supplies you’ll need. Go to the office equipped with all your supplies.
  5. Set your expectations. If you have a 2000 square foot office and expect to get it cleaned completely in a day, you’re going to be disappointed. Go through your to-do list and set a practical expectation. It’s also a good idea to create milestones or mini-goals, which you can work towards as you clean.

Find the perfect office space for rent in NJ

If you find your needs have changed and you need to move to a different location, it’s still a good idea to leave the old space clean. You don’t want an unhappy tenant. However, once that’s all done, get in touch with Blau & Berg, and we’ll find you the perfect office space for rent in NJ. We’ll consider your needs and expectations, and look through hundreds of properties to find the one that seems best for you.

We have been serving clients in this area for decades, and we’ve amassed experience that helps us quickly understand people’s needs. So even if you aren’t completely sure what you want, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you through the process of finding a retail space or an office space.