Hot Weather Getting You Down? Cool Your Retail Space for Rent in NJ Naturally

Ceiling air conditioning ventIf you have a retail space for rent in NJ, you’ll want to spruce it up and put your best foot forward, because researchers say people are ready to come out of the pandemic, and this readiness will manifest itself in many ways – one of which includes revenge shopping.

People have been cooped inside their homes for way longer than they expected, and the cracks are beginning to plainly show. What’s a better cure than some intense retail therapy? It’s exactly what the doctor ordered!

So, while you think over other ways to make your retail store more appealing to customers, also consider the indoor temperature. You don’t want the place to feel hot and stuffy, or cold and clammy. Here are some tips that will help you keep your store a little bit cooler without spending too much money – add them up, and you’ll have a store that feels pleasantly cool without having to run the AC on max.

Tips for keeping your store cool.

Having the AC on is a no-brainer, but these tips will help you get to a more pleasant temperature when the weather doesn’t quite justify AC usage, or if your AC isn’t working, or even if you just want some tips to use in tandem with your AC:

  1. Keep the blinds drawn

This is especially important if you have windows that stay closed most or all of the time. If your blinds (or curtains) are open, sunlight will enter the room and warm it up through a sort of greenhouse effect. So, keep the curtains drawn, and consider putting reflective screen on the windows to keep the curtains from heating up.

  1. Keep the air circulating

Use fans, coolers and whatever else you have at your disposal to keep the air circulating. Stagnant air feels a lot hotter, and if your retail space for rent in NJ doesn’t have open doors and windows, the ambient temperature indoors will slowly rise till it reaches an uncomfortable point. This can of course be prevented by running the AC, but if you’re unable to do that, fans are a must! Having a cool breeze blowing in your space will go a long way in making you feel the heat less.

  1. Let in the evening air

Once the temperatures drop in the evening, throw open your windows and let in the cooler air. It’ll air out the place, bring in fresh air, and remove the stuffy, clammy feeling from the room. Of course, if the temperatures haven’t dropped much, you should probably avoid doing this.

  1. Turn off electrical devices

Most electrical objects generate heat. So, if you’re having a relaxed day at work, go ahead and turn off any devices you aren’t using. This includes computers, laptops, and even lights! The heat they generate is miniscule, but it does all add up – especially on a warm day. Even if it doesn’t make a difference temperature-wise, not having to look at screens and saving a little on energy are two benefits.

  1. Cool your pulse points

If you’re feeling overheated and uncomfortable, dab cold water on your pulse points, or hold an ice cube to them. This is great for immediate, short-term relief. Put some ice on your wrists, the inside of your elbows, and the place behind your knee. If you have a spray bottle handy (a clean one!), spraying your face with water will also have a similar effect.

  1. Change the work hours

If at all possible, consider changing your business hours. This can work for businesses that are operating remotely, where the employees don’t need to collaborate and can work on their own. Flexible work hours will allow your staff to get the work done whenever they’re most comfortable, without compromising on productivity. In fact, you might boost productivity and employee morale by doing this!

  1. Use table fans, not ceiling fans!

Warm air rises up and cool air floats down, so when you use a ceiling fan, what happens is you’re blasted with warm air which can actually make you warmer. Avoid using them when it’s hot. Instead, turn on your table fan, and position it so it has its back to an open window. This’ll allow the fan to draw fresh air in, especially as evening draws near, and cool you down.

These were some tips that’ll help you ensure the staff at your retail space for rent in NJ are a little more comfortable during the hot summer months.

Having problems with the HVAC unit? Talk to your landlord!

It’s essential to have a functioning HVAC unit at your retail store. Without one you’ll have very little control over the indoor temperature. However, having an AC that doesn’t work properly is almost worse than not having an AC at all, because you’ll need to pay the electricity bill, but you won’t get any use out of the device.

So, here’s how to troubleshoot (or prevent) some common problems people have with their AC unit.

  1. Get regular maintenance done

Regular maintenance is important if you want the unit to function well. Depending on your landlord, your tenant status could either be a boon or a burden. On one hand you don’t have to go through the bother of finding a maintenance tech and pay them, but on the other hand, if your landlord drags his/her feet on getting maintenance personnel, there isn’t a lot that you can do.

  1. Get any issues fixed

Many go with the motto ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. However, waiting till your AC is actually broken is unwise. If you spot a problem or any signs of one, it’s a good idea to inform your landlord and get a tech to come take a look at it. So, if the AC isn’t working as efficiently, if the filter seems clogged, or if the unit is making any strange noises, act sooner rather than later.

  1. Get better windows

If your AC isn’t working as well as it used to, it might be that the fault isn’t with the AC at all. Before you request a tech, inspect the windows at your retail space for rent in NJ to make sure they’re in good shape. Damaged, cracked windows can impact your store’s insulation and cause cool air to leak out, making the HVAC system less efficient. Any signs of damage should be addressed sooner rather than later, so you can save on electric bills and avoid having a workplace hazard.

  1. High electric bills?

If your AC seems to be working ok but your cooling costs keep going up, it may be because the unit is outdated. Newer, energy-efficient systems use less power and cool more efficiently, while older units do the opposite. If the electricity usage is starting to get out of hand, it may be time to chat with your landlord about possibly getting the AC replaced with a more energy-efficient one.

  1. Change the filter

The filter in your AC can get clogged and dirty, and if your area has a lot of dust and smoke, it’s going to be worse. If the landlord recently changed it and you’re noticing signs of blockage, you can try and replace the filter yourself. Not only will your staff breathe cleaner air, but it’ll also keep the AC working better. If your area’s been affected by wildfire, the filter may need changing (or cleaning) as often as once every month.

These were some suggestions for taking good care of your AC. Electric devices are built to last, but this can’t happen unless they’re treated right. Take good care of your appliances and they’ll serve you for years.

Finding the perfect retail space for rent in NJ

If the place you are renting is not ideal, it may be time to look for a different property. Settling for something you aren’t happy with won’t just affect your general level of satisfaction, it could also negatively impact your business. With your business you have a vision, and you’re working towards fulfilling it. So, when something critical (like the store itself) doesn’t match the vision, you have a discord that can put the entire picture off-kilter.

The team at Blau & Berg is here to help you find the perfect retail space in NJ. We will make sure it checks all the right boxes, has all the facilities you need, is situated in a good location, and is an all-round improvement so your business can grow sustainably. We have been in the commercial real estate field for decades and have gained valuable market experience that we will use to help you and your business succeed.

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