Making Windows Look Bigger-Tips for Your Retail Space for Rent in NJ

We all wish we had a beautiful glass-walled office facing the city, offering a gorgeous view at all times. However, sadly, that just isn’t possible. Not all businesses can afford or have access to a fancy office, and if you’re one of them, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to elevate the look of your retail space for rent in NJ, however, all you need to do is work on the windows. This blog will talk about why and how. Let’s transform your office space!

Why you should focus on the windows

Windows add a lot to a space. And when it comes to windows, bigger is generally better – meaning the bigger the windows, the more the benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits windows offer:

  1. They let in natural light

If you have natural light in the room, you have to incur less cost on lighting. Natural light has also been shown to have powerful health benefits. So, the more natural light you can let into your office space, the better. In fact, if the windows are fairly large, you may never need to use artificial light during the day!

  1. They let in sunlight

During winter months, a nice south-facing window will let in the sunlight and warm up the space. It makes the room pleasant to be in, and helps you save on heating costs. Sunlight is also quite pleasant in normal weather -– any time except during high summer! If you have an office pet, they’ll love the sunny spot!

  1. They look nice

Windows provide contrast to the walls, and they provide a view of the outside, adding interest to the room and making the space look appealing. This is why more windows is always better – the more windows you have dotted around the space, the better it will look. Windows also make a  room feel more spacious – especially if they’re well-designed and beautiful.

  1. They increase energy efficiency

It’s not something a lot of office owners think about, but if you have windows that let in sunlight, the reduction in heating costs makes the windows well worth the investment. Modern fiberglass or vinyl windows are very energy-efficient, keeping the space cooler or warmer than it would be if you had old windows.

  1. They provide a nice view

Okay, not everyone has a large office in a high-rise, but wherever you are, chances are, you’ll appreciate having a view to the outside, especially if there’s some nature in the form of trees and birds. It provides a pleasant break from the office surroundings, and is just something interesting to look at! If nothing else, you always have the sky to look at.

Large windows let in more light, look expensive, offer a better view, look nicer, and generally elevate your décor. You’re in an retail space for rent in NJ so we’re assuming you can’t alter the size of your windows, but the one thing you can do is work on making the windows appear bigger. Let’s discuss how to do that in the next section.

Tips for making your windows look bigger

Since you’re renting, this is your only option if you want bigger windows but don’t have them. Some of these tips are truly fantastic – they work miracles. Once you see the change, you can use these tips at home as well! Bear in mind that a lot of these tips have to do with curtains, curtain rods and the like. So in other words, you’ll need curtains. Work with your interior designer to make it work, because curtains aren’t something you’d usually see at an office.

  1. Extend your curtain rods beyond the frame

From House Beautiful: “Strategically placed curtain rods can help you fudge the width on your window, according to designer Amy Berry. “I like my rods to overhang 15 inches off the edge of the window where possible,” she says. This tricks the mind into thinking part of your wall is really glass.”

  1. Layer curtains and shades

“The same way a curtain rods can help you fudge on width, window shades can help exaggerate height. “Hang those shades right under the rod for the appearance of taller windows,” says Berry. Plus, this treatment has a very high-end look to it.”

  1. Use sturdy fabric in your curtains

Skimpy curtains will look awful, and make the windows in question appear cheap. That will directly impact the overall look of the space. You need to get thick, good-quality material that’ll last for years, and which won’t let the light through and give your secret away during the day.

  1. Cover your walls with curtains

From House Beautiful: “Extending your draperies from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall surrounding your window makes them appear bigger,” explains Francesco Bilotto. The reason? This makes it unclear when windows stop and walls start.

  1. Paint a border around your window

This is a simple trick that you can do to make your windows appear larger. An alternative is to buy a window frame that’s larger than usual. What this does is add thickness around your windows, to create a bigger impact in the room. That creates the impression of a bigger window.

  1. Hang your curtain rod higher

If you want your window to appear taller and wider, try this trick from designer Don Stewart: “Install an extra long curtain rod at, or near, the ceiling for floor length drapes to create this illusion.” This basically combines two window tricks into one — genius.

  1. Avoid having white walls

This is especially important if your window frames are white, too. “Paint the walls surrounding your window a darker cool color and the walls will recede and the window will pop,” says Stewart.

  1. If you have white walls, color the window trim

Since you’re in an retail space for rent in NJ, you can’t just paint your walls. So to get around that problem, if you have white walls, paint the window trim. It’ll not take as long, and you can go with a shade like putty to achieve a similar effect. You can just repaint them later.

  1. Get low furniture

Even what you use to furnish your room can make a difference in how your windows appear to the eye. “Place smaller or low-profile furniture pieces near or under the window so the eye is tricked by scale,” says Bilotto.

  1. Get fabric with patterns

“Fabrics with vertical patterns will add height to your windows and draw your eye upward,” says Stewart. “Horizontally-oriented patterns will create the illusion of width.” The most common vertical pattern being stripes, naturally.

  1. Get creative with texture

House Beautiful continues with the tips: “That might mean using a fabric made out of different materials (think: cotton and silk stripes) or overlaying two different textures on top of each other. “This gives a sense of depth and movement,” says designer Jamie Drake.”

  1. Surround the window with colors

We’re talking furniture, walls, curtains, you name it. “It’s as if you’re dipping the whole room in a bucket of paint and it takes away all the boundaries,” says designer Barry Dixon. “You’re left with the infinity of the universe. It’s like Houdini came in and decorated.”

  1. Make your curtains the focal point of the space

“A bold, in-your-face pattern on your curtains is all it takes to draw your eyes to the windows — and away from everything else. Here, black vertical stripes near the inner part of the curtains points the eyes up to make ceilings appear taller, too.”

So, these were some tips that’ll help you make your windows look bigger. For more tips on how to improve your office space for rent in NJ and optimize operations, check out our blog. We regularly post articles that cover different office-related subjects, with lots of tips, tricks and how-to guides.

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