Looking for an Office Space in NJ on a Budget? Here Are Some Tips!

Looking for an Office Space in NJ on a Budget? Here Are Some Tips!


Working from home and ready to get out of the house? Need a switch in scenery? Are you on a budget looking for the perfect office space? NJ is full of options, and with the right help, you can navigate all the options with ease. You are not alone in the search for the right, financially feasible office space. NJ has a wide range in options, meaning you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Using the sage advice from professional real estate brokers is a necessity if you want to nail down a rental with the most suitable contract and price. Whatever your field or industry is, working with the right brokerage firm means they can help you get the right rental. That is why the real estate pros at Blau & Berg are here with some easy to digest tips!


Know what you need from your office space in NJ

The very first step on your journey is to know what you need out of an office space. NJ has tiny to huge, budget to luxury, urban to rural options! While at first the diverse range of options can feel overwhelming – in the big picture it actually means you are more likely to find the exact match for your dream office space. Take some time to think about the following factors to help you navigate your needs:

  • Layout

Layout is the first thing to consider because it sets the stage for everything else. How many people does your office need to accommodate? How many separate rooms? What types of special rooms do you want? Consider meeting rooms, break rooms, show rooms, equipment or storage space, bathrooms, lactation rooms, and any other specific rooms you may need. What do you want to the front area to look like? Do you need space to accommodate a receptionist and seating? Once you know the basic layout, you can move on to the next features.

  • Size

Depending largely on your layout, you can figure out how much space you need in terms of square feet. You not only need to know how many people your office space needs to accommodate, but how much space does each person need? This varies greatly depending on what your business is.

Some can get away with a simple, single computer desk set-up, while other may need much more room for filing cabinets, printers & scanners, extra chairs for clients or customers, or even a larger desk to accommodate more than one screen. Ideally you should have a specific numerical range in square feet of the size you are looking for.

  • Location

Location is so much more than just what city or town you are in. Location of your office space in NJ will determine your commute, who your neighbors are, what type of employees will live closest, and additionally what type of clients or customers will be in your immediate surroundings.

  • Amenities

Have you considered what essential amenities your business wants to be near? Additionally, you will want to have a list of desired, but not necessity, amenities. What type of parking do you want near your office? Or would you prioritize public transit nearby your office space? NJ has many different types of commuters you want to consider.

Perhaps you want to be near a daycare or preschool for your little ones to attend? Are there restaurants and coffee shops nearby that you plan to frequent? Some find it nice to be near a gym for accessible work outs before or after working hours. Some even sneak in workouts or fitness classes during lunch breaks. Make a list of your necessities and then your desires. Just keep in mind – when looking for an office space on a budget, you want to remain flexible.

  • Budget

Knowing what budget is in your means will help you stick to what you can afford. Rent and other business expenses can add unnecessary stress to a business owner. Staying within your realistic budget can potentially reduce tons of stress for the years to come. Because rent can be one of the largest overheads, this is a crucial step that you need to take the appropriate time to map out. Finding an economical monthly rent will allow your business to stay within its means and thrive.

  • Length of lease

It is important to keep in mind that business is in constant flux. Do you plan to outgrow your space in three years? Do you want to commit to a longer-term lease in hopes of locking down economical rent? Either way, have an idea of how long you’d be happy in the same place.


Tips for finding the right office space in NJ

Now that you have a better grasp on your needs for the most suitable office space in NJ, let’s go over some useful tips that will help you achieve this on a shoestring budget.

  • Know your budget, and stick to it

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Do not over commit to a budget that will destroy your business because you find a dreamy place on the market. The commitment to the appropriate office space within your means and planned out budget will make you feel comfortable and excited to commit to a lease. Be upfront about this and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

  • Get professional help

Using a brokerage firm like Blau & Berg, can guarantee that you will find exactly what you are looking for. Navigating contracts can be tricky and there are many hidden costs, fees & taxes. Working with Blau & Berg can assure you will understand the exact price and not get duped into an uncomfortable situation.

At Blau & Berg, we think that knowledge, experience and personal attention are provided to our clients by our dedicated team of commercial real estate professionals. Our commercial real estate brokers know their markets and successfully guide our clients through the process of purchasing, selling, leasing, customizing and expanding their assets.

  • Start a co-working space

Co-working spaces are more and more common. Take advantage of this opportunity by finding an office space with a little extra room for you to rent out a desk or two. Many people who work from home would love to have a switch in environment for a more productive space. This will help you pay for your monthly rent, bring in a new fresh energy to work around, and also your co-worker could be a good resource or networking acquaintance.


Enhance your office space in NJ on a budget

Once you have found the best office space in NJ for your business, you can take some simple steps to enhance the ambiance and create a conducive working environment. Finding the right space on a budget certainly does not mean you won’t end up with a welcoming and productive space! Check out these tips on office improvement:

  • Good lighting

Lighting is a huge factor in creating a welcoming and productive space. Natural light is best, so try to position desks and seating around the windows. And guess what, using windows to their fullest potential is free! Otherwise take measures to get light bulbs that best mirror natural light. Make sure the office is well lit.

  • Plants

Having living plants in your office will definitely enhance the overall feel. Not only do indoor plants filter out the air to make more breathable and healthy air, they add texture and natural color to the room. Improved air quality and decor with affordable plants. Plants like pothos and spider plants can thrive in almost any condition and they are usually a very affordable option.

  • Decorate with photography

Nowadays almost anyone can take decent photos with their cell phones. If you have a collection, or perhaps know a friend that loves taking quality photos, you can print large copies at print shops for relatively cheap. This adds a really personal touch to the space, offers a fun conversation starter with co-worker or clients, and brings a really nice element of decor to the office space.

  • Coffee and snack section

A great way to make your office space enjoyable is to have a well-stocked coffee and snack area. Whether it’s just for you, for your staff, or also for your clients or guests, almost everyone appreciates convenient and free beverages and snacks. Coffee makes people more productive and focus better and longer, and snacks also provide necessary fuel for optimal productivity and stamina. Having a well-stocked break room also provides the staff with an enjoyable pause from their hard work. Complimentary coffee is sure to impress visitors.


Hopefully this article has given you some confidence for your journey to find the perfect office space. NJ is a great state to conduct business in and working with a brokerage firm will further ensure that you can find the most suitable rental for your business needs. Just remember- if you know your needs, remain flexible, and work with a real estate brokerage firm, you can then use some thrifty tools for transforming your budget office space into a welcoming and productive environment!