Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your Commercial Real Estate in NJ

It’s exciting when your business grows, and you realize you need to upgrade. Upgrading takes a lot of work and planning and it isn’t cheap, but it sure is exciting! Just knowing that your business has experienced such growth can be an ecstatic feeling.

However, before you start looking at new commercial real estate in NJ, there are some things to consider. In this blog, we’ll go over five key points that you need to keep in mind.

Let’s start with some pointers that will help you understand you’re ready for a bigger space.

Signs you need a bigger office

Just because your business is growing doesn’t necessarily mean you need a larger space. There are several types of growth, and different businesses have different needs. Usually it’s pretty intuitive and easy to tell when you need a bigger space, but if you aren’t sure, here are some signs that you need an upgrade:

  1. The office is overcrowded

If you started out with a spacious commercial real estate in NJ but have noticed that it feels overcrowded and full lately, this might be a sign you need to upgrade.

From Work.Life: “Legal office space requirements state that ‘workrooms should have enough free space to allow people to get to and from workstations and to move within the rooms with ease’, and at least 40 sq. ft. of floorspace per employee. While it is possible to have fewer desks than people (agile working enables companies to do this), insufficient space – like desks too close together, cramped communal areas, and not enough bathroom facilities – can be damaging to productivity.”

  1. There isn’t enough storage space

From Work.Life: “Storage can become a big issue for businesses as they outgrow their office space. As you take on more staff, filing cabinets and stock cupboards become more and more full, causing clutter around the office. A lack of storage can potentially mean lots of time wasted trying to find the right items or documents. Overflowing your storage can even be dangerous, posing potential trip hazards and safety risks.”

  1. There are meeting room clashes

If you have a lot of employees but just a single meeting room, it will probably be in constant demand. This means that there will be clashes when it comes to meeting room bookings. These clashes can lead to tension between staff members. All of this is easily avoided by moving to a larger office space with multiple meeting rooms. This is especially important if…

  1. You plan to hire new people

From Work.Life: “If you have plans to recruit more staff, you will also need to look into moving to a larger office space. Think ahead; if you’re looking to hire 10+ people in the next 12 months, will your office space be able to handle this? If you know it won’t allow for that many new desks, look into moving ahead of time so it doesn’t suddenly become cramped. When you look for a new office space, make sure you take your hiring plans into account; choose somewhere with more desks than you currently need, or somewhere that can accommodate your growth plans.”

  1. Employees often complain about space

As an employer, you need to be receptive to employees’ needs and complaints. If they’ve been complaining about a lack of space and overcrowding, it’s a good indicator that you need to scale up. As a business owner, it isn’t always possible for you to make the time to look at things and notice whether the place feels overcrowded. However, your employees will let you know if there’s a problem, as long as you have a good boss-employee relationship.

These were just a few signs that the commercial real estate in NJ you currently occupy isn’t large enough for your growing needs. However, there are other signs as well. For instance, if you plan on rebranding your brand, or if you’ve noticed a significant decrease in productivity. If your workstaff doesn’t have enough space or if the floor plan isn’t designed well, you may notice a drop in productivity that won’t be corrected till you move somewhere bigger.

Things to consider before moving to a bigger office space

Before you upgrade your commercial real estate in NJ, here are five key points to keep in mind. Go through these carefully and keep them on your mind when looking at new offices – even if you think your real estate agent understands your needs well.

  1. Truly upgrade

As your company grows and you scale up, think of upgrading in every term. Don’t just get a larger space – get a larger, better space. So, make sure to retain the perks your employees currently enjoy, and add to them if possible. So, for instance, facilities like bike storage, exercise equipment and in-house catering are sought-after and much appreciated. If you offer perks like these, make sure the new space has them as well, or your staff will be disappointed. Before making the move, go over the amenities and facilities and consider that an important factor in the decision-making process.

  1. Prioritize navigation and wayfinding

From Office Space: “A larger space provides more freedom to customize your furniture and layout, but navigation can become more difficult if the space is too open or poorly set up for wayfinding. Develop your new office layout with an emphasis on good wayfinding principles (such as clear landmarks and well-structured paths) to make sure your team and clients can quickly adapt to the new space.”

In other words, design the floorspace and layout well – or pick a place that has a good floorspace and layout – so your employees don’t waste time finding their way to meeting rooms and offices.

  1. Check the size

Just because your new commercial real estate in NJ is larger doesn’t immediately mean it’s better! When moving to a larger space, you’ll need to do meticulous planning to make sure your employees feel comfortable there, and the integration is smooth. If it isn’t, there may be a disruption in workflow for as long as months, till they settle in.

Office Space suggests: “A space that is larger doesn’t necessarily mean an office will be more comfortable, spacious or accommodating when it comes to your team and inventory. Check the dimensions of your furniture and the space usage of your layout to make sure everything will fit your new space. This is especially important if you’re adding new amenities or furniture based on the increase of your square footage.”

  1. Dead space? No, sir!

Make sure you get a space that’s big enough for your needs, with a little extra room, but no more than that. If the new office is too large, it may feel empty and strange. You don’t want space lying around unused, because dead space, while the opposite of clutter, still harms productivity.

Office Space adds: “Larger offices can create a feeling of emptiness if underutilized. Use strategically placed artwork, furniture and office equipment to avoid large stretches of vacant space. It’s important to strike a balance between emptiness and clutter. Large gaps don’t necessarily need to be filled with physical objects; they just need to exist for a reason.”

  1. Get ready for requests

Since you’re making a major move and getting a larger, newer space that can be used in more ways, you’re going to get lots of suggestions as to how to make the most of it. Be prepared, and be receptive! Keep an open mind, and if an idea has promise, consider it – don’t reject it simply because it goes against your plans or ideas.

These were some of our top tips for making the most of your new office space. Keep these in mind while making the decision, and for best results, go with a real estate agent that you can trust, such as the Blau & Berg Company!

Finding the perfect commercial real estate in NJ

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