Commercial Real Estate Marketing in an Evolving Market

The symbiotic relationship between selling and marketing is a blurred line. Tasked with closing a sale or executing a lease in an abbreviated timeframe, real estate brokers must constantly evaluate their process and maximize their marketing efforts. The best avenue to new business is through the successes of old business, and 2024 is a new year with new opportunities for real estate professionals to fine-tune their marketing acumen and grow their clientele.

While there are staples for marketing a property like traditional signage, mailings, and e-blasts, there are always new and innovative ways for a broker to differentiate themselves from the competition. Social media is an easy, repeatable avenue to create visibility and make yourself known to a potential client base. Over time, brokers become experts in their field and social media is a path to demonstrate your industry knowledge. This can be in the form of a blog, an Instagram or X (formerly Twitter) account, or a more professional engagement platform like LinkedIn with its 500+ million professional users. Networking via LinkedIn should not just be with commercial real estate professionals; be sure to include investors, finance professionals, legal professionals, and any potential customers in your market area of expertise (retailers, commercial business owners, etc.). “Owned Media”, which is comprised of your company’s own website, free social media platform, and email marketing lists are easily utilized and efficient tools when developing a marketing strategy.

When utilizing social media, consider alternative forms of engagement. Video has one of the highest engagement rates in digital marketing and its potential uses extend beyond just showing a listed property. High quality videos of published interviews, a profile of your company, or general industry discussions can drive traffic from sites like YouTube or Facebook. Be sure to share information on deals you’ve closed, like press releases or additional media, with other industry professionals as well as existing clients.

Brokers should always be seeking and considering alternative forms of exposure. Guest articles in industry publications, or engagement with a charity organization can be both personally fulfilling and professionally beneficial. Extending your reach beyond typical industry relationships can lead to referrals, and out-of-the-box networking could lead to your next big deal. Attending industry events and conferences is not only a networking tool and a chance to build relationships, but also a way to expand your knowledge and stay up to date on market trends.

Commercial real estate marketing is evolving. Drone footage, interactive site maps, and 3D video walkthroughs, aligned with professional print collateral, gives potential clients an unprecedented level of engagement as they seek the ideal property. Make sure to utilize all these concepts, and when doing so be aware of what the client is seeing. Monitor your listings on LoopNet, CoStar, and other platforms for accuracy.

Most importantly, make yourself available. Customers expect calls to be answered or returned expeditiously, and your professionalism in this regard is representative of both your company, and your individual brand.