Flexible Office Space: NJ’s Next Workspace Trend

Flexible Office Space: NJ’s Next Workspace Trend

Workspace designs are the most underestimated determining factors of success. Companies always take the best of measures to ensure a highly attractive and professional looking office floor, recruit employees with decades’ worth of experience, and invest in a lot of technological facilities for their staff to ensure a prosperous environment. The only problem is that every one of these initiatives is concerned more about the appearance rather than the diversity and flexibility. It is very important to keep in mind that everyone is different, whether they are the assistants, managers in the HR team or even the clerks, all of whom have their own concerns, likes and dislikes and unique factors that will determine their level of comfort, contentment and ease in the working environment.

The Dilemma of Traditional Offices

The standard designs of office spaces in NJ are open-plan and cubicles. The latter are the most popular ones, as they provide a sense of security, freedom and a very own private space to the individual employee. These are good choices for those who do not like to get distracted by the activities of others and prefer to work alone. However, individuals who are not fond of constantly sitting in front of their computer 40 hours a week, with little to no space for mobility and having to endure the same view of their partitions every single day, it can become a toxic atmosphere to work in. Such working conditions will gradually deteriorate the interest of the personnel.

On the other hand, open-plan designs are usually for hall-like offices where team work, co-operative style-activities and internal interactions are encouraged. It’s an excellent choice for those type of companies where communication is necessary, and the employees are socially active and open to ideas from fellow staff members. Nonetheless, some workers may find this environment to be an extremely uncomfortable one as there is little to no privacy, a lot of distractions and the constant need to take suggestions from others.

It’s a no-brainer then when businesses and enterprises in New Jersey have to suffer from the fact that the efficiency, performance and motivation level of their workforces frequently decrease over time – in spite of the company’s efforts to introduce more amenities, holiday plans and a better working environment. The ultimate result is either the redundancy of such staff members or the recruitment of new ones; in this case, both of these actions will prove as temporary solutions to a potentially long-term problem.

So what’s the new alternative?

Efforts Towards Real Estate Modernization

Several companies have started to reconsider their business model to focus more on creating a work environment which is suitable and pleasing to every single employee. To bring life to such an idea, a lot of remodeling and data analyses have been carried out to integrate modern technology and innovation inside the office spaces of NJ. Many companies have invested and brought forward new formats for what they consider would be the ultimate solution to the workspace challenges.

New Jersey is one of the few states which has started to adopt this new invention, which is now famously known as flex space in the real estate world. Even though some companies are still reluctant to apply this unconventional office design, others have already started to enjoy its positive points which far outweigh the combined good of both the cubicle and the open-plan formats.

The Next Generation Office Spaces of NJ

It is very likely that in the next few years, NJ will be the biggest user of flexible workspace designs in the United States. These office spaces are revolutionary in nature with a lot of features which were initially considered impossible to be ever created.

To understand these better, flex spaces can be considered as mobile offices. With the utilization of every single square foot on the floor, these workspaces allow a massive amount of flexibility and convenience in the work environment. For this, they are designed in such a way that every individual employee’s needs can be catered and looked after. That is, you no longer need to stick to either all cubicles or a single open-plan format, flexible workspace designs can be custom-modeled with the development of multiple rooms, meeting areas, conference halls, lounges and much more. Still, none of these developments are permanent. You can always reconfigure the design and furniture of your office to synchronize with the demands of the workforce.

Furthermore, flex spaces can also help in improving the productivity level of the staff members as they allow office areas to be created in accordance with the individual personalities, job roles and working styles of your employees. Many companies in New Jersey have gone one step forward with the installation of demountable  walls and modular furniture. Both of these initiatives are an excellent example of modern technology’s integration in workspace design. As businesses start to create the ideal working environment, their employees will feel cared for, resulting in an increase in corporate loyalty, performance, efficiency and ultimately leading to the well-being of the entire workforce and success for everyone.

These next generation workspace designs are also surprisingly cost-effective. If you have leased a commercial property, you don’t need to worry about getting an entirely new office or floor-plan once your contract is over. All of the designs are portable and convenient enough to be shifted to a new place without the hassles of redeveloping them again. It also saves time and allows managers to deal with changing conditions such as business extension, negative or positive growth requiring the modification of office areas (could be the removal of some rooms or the addition of more) and adjusting the environment in accordance with the corporate culture.


You Are One Step Away From Success

We agree it can be risky to suddenly change the entire outlook of your office. But it’s high time to update yourself with modern methods of management. Your company’s success depends on how motivated your staff is and there’s no better way to create enthusiasm in workers other than catering to their needs. If they are happy, they will start loving the work they do, perform better and become diligent. On the other hand, if you confine your workers in tiny rooms or open area offices against their wishes even though they will never express their feelings about this, the ultimate result will be manifested by their lack of efficiency in work and disinterest towards cooperative activities.

Your office space in NJ can transform with a single decision of yours. Flex spaces have been invented for the very purpose of satisfying and pleasing everybody. Once you create an environment which is interesting to work in, your corporate goals will be a lot easier to achieve as everyone will be putting forth their best effort. Therefore, it’s much better to evolve with the advancement of technology and modern methods of business rather than staying traditional and sticking with old-fashioned approaches which are no longer compatible with the increasing demands of the 21st century.

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