How to Find the Best Office Space for Rent in NJ


The internet makes finding available office space listings easy, however, when it comes to finding the right property, things can get complicated.

It is not possible to list all the pros and cons of a property in a detailed analysis on each listing, so important factors such as parking spaces, landlord reputation and safety may go unnoticed, whereas specifics about amenities, square footage and location are given center stage. If you are looking for office space for rent in NJ, there are several things to keep in mind during the search.

Convenience for Employees

One of the most important factors while choosing an office space is whether the location is convenient for employees. They will be driving to and from the location every weekday and spending a large portion of their day at the premises. Therefore, it is vital that the office space is centrally located.

To ensure that the new office space is convenient for employees, check for the following:

  • Is it easily accessible by car or public transport?
  • Is parking readily available?
  • Is there a restaurant or café in walking or close driving distance where employees can have their lunch? Even if the location is a large facility with its own eatery, employees may well prefer to eat outside during their break.
  • What amenities are available on the property?
  • Is the area safe?
  • Are the environmental conditions good?

Convenience for Clients

A major consideration while choosing an office space for rent in NJ, is whether the location is convenient for clients. In a big city, although downtown areas will attract more business, some streets are too busy, and therefore present problems with parking and accessibility.  Locations close to major landmarks yet that avoid overcrowded areas are key.

Rent in the Area

While exploring office space for rent in NJ, your budget is a very important deciding factor.

Different areas garner different rental rates depending on factors such as class, popularity, amenities, etc. Get an idea of which areas you can afford an office space in order to narrow your search down. Also, be aware of any extra costs not included in the rent, such as maintenance, and their potential to rise in the near future.

Room for Expansion

You want your company to grow over time, to have a bigger task-force and a larger client base. So, when looking for an office space for rent in NJ, go about it keeping your present and future needs in mind. Get an estimate of the projected growth rate, and choose a place accordingly.

If you can’t afford to take on extra unoccupied space, try negotiating for a shorter lease, so you can change the terms when the time comes. Try to find office space in a building which has some vacant spaces – or where there’s a chance that spaces might become vacant soon. This is where neighborhood research comes into play.

Mind the Legalities

Once you’ve decided on the perfect place to set up shop, it’s time to consider whether they are compliant with government regulations. For instance, check whether the location you choose complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Once the lease agreement is drawn up, go through it carefully, taking your time and consulting an attorney.  Make sure that the landlord is responsible for compliance, will bear repair costs, and that your lease and rental rate are secure. When dealing with a stranger, it is always better to err on the side of caution, even at the risk of causing offence.

These are some of the key points to keep in mind while looking for office space. The most important thing of all is to take your time and seek professional assistance.  Real estate brokers will assist in accessing the most up-to-date listings, set-up office space showings, negotiate the terms of the deal on your behalf, and, in the end, find the best and most economical location for your business.

Author: Priya