“The Stiger Street facility is a true value play in which the new operator will benefit from a generous upside opportunity in market rents”, said Michael Schipper, Senior Executive Director with The Blau & Berg Company. “The western route 80 corridors have seen a resurgence of demand as of late and in retrofitting this facility to current standards, with plans to rework loading positions, truck court, floors, and lighting, the building lends itself to both the manufacturing and warehousing arena…

The land is earmarked for a massive development project, as detailed by Michael Schipper, Senior Executive Director with The Blau & Berg Company. “The closing of these two properties marks the completion of an assemblage which began half a decade ago. The sites will become part of a 410 unit transit-oriented luxury apartment complex complete with public green spaces, pedestrian walkways, and seven-hundred, fifty parking spaces at the entry of Orange Train Station, with mid-town direct service to Manhattan,” says Schipper. “The patience of our clients and the tenacity of the development team were paramount in the completion of these transactions. We look forward to what Russo Development and Dinallo Construction will deliver in the coming year.”

“Tammy and Brad hit the ground running when they teamed up a few years ago, and each year they’ve established themselves as top brokers in the local and surrounding markets”, offered Jason Crimmins, CCIM, SIOR, President of The Blau & Berg Company. “They earned this promotion by improving upon their book of business year in and year out, while complementing each other’s strengths. They continue to be a tremendous asset to our overall growth.”

Alessandro (Alex) Conte, CCIM, SIOR, Executive Vice President with The Blau & Berg Company said of Longo, “John has been a great addition to The Blau & Berg team.  He exemplifies everything that we hope to get in an associate: honesty, integrity, and work ethic.” Conte added, “Since joining The Blau & Berg Company, John has continually grown not only his book of business but also his camaraderie within the company. He has earned this promotion with a consistent year-over-year effort.” 

“We were honored to have represented the tenant in a comprehensive search for their new corporate HQ and distribution center”, offered Michael Schipper, SIOR, Senior Director with The Blau & Berg Company.   “We were pleased with the fluidity in which the transaction progressed along with the development team and their representation.”

“We were happy to assist the seller in the disposition of this asset”, offered Alessandro (Alex) Conte, CCIM, SIOR, Executive Vice President for The Blau & Berg Company, adding “we are excited to see the new owners, Brentwood Realty, bring new life to not just the property but the community as a whole.”

“Peter works tirelessly for his clients”, offered Jason M. Crimmins, CCIM, SIOR, President of The Blau & Berg Company. “Peter’s promotion truly is a positive reflection on his repeated successes, and we are really fortunate to have him as part of our growing, collaborative team. I look forward to his continued prosperity.”

The Blau & Berg Company, a prominent commercial real estate brokerage firm in the New Jersey and Tri-State area since 1932, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alessandro (Alex) Conte, CCIM, SIOR, Executive Vice President of The Blau & Berg Company, as the 2022 President of SIOR NJ Chapter effective January 1, 2022.