With Decades of History, a Close-Knit Team has Guided Blau & Berg’s Continued Growth

Ken Crimmins joined The Leslie Blau Co. in 1972. He wasn’t expecting to stay very long. Certainly not upwards of 45 years. “That was a fluke,” said Crimmins, the chairman and CEO of what is now The Blau & Berg Co., “because I joined the firm primarily to look for real estate for my father, who was a builder. “And then a temporary job turned into a pretty permanent job.”

Not only has Crimmins led Blau & Berg for more than 30 years — becoming the major principal in 1990 — but the Crimmins name has become synonymous with the 86-year-old real estate brokerage. Consider that the firm of about 35 includes seven members of the Crimmins family, creating a support system and the type of shared responsibility that have become deeply ingrained in the company. Read more at Real Estate NJ.