Tenant Representation

The Blau & Berg Company’s New Jersey tenant representation specialists help align and identify the right real estate strategy for our clients.

  • Acquisitions

    Pursue strategic growth opportunities.
  • Lease Negotiations

    Blau & Berg negotiates the best commercial lease contract for your business.

  • Relocation

    Space management is one of the most essential parts of growing a business.

  • Renewals

    Blau & Berg understands businesses want the most cost-effective deal possible.

  • Sublease

    Navigate factors affecting sub-leases, including rental rates, tenant finish, remaining lease term, space configuration, market conditions, absorption, etc.

  • Expansion

    The firm offers solutions designed to align real estate, facilities and workplace operations with overall business objectives.
  • Buy-out

    Blau & Berg assists clients in finding buy-out opportunities that allow the tenant to avoid risk and the landlord to reduce downtime between tenants.

  • Market Analysis

    Profitable real estate decisions start with a thorough market analysis.