Better Times Ahead

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Expect 2021 to perform across all sectors. We are finally getting optimistic results from the Covid vaccines and will be back to business as usual in no time. 

Stay healthy and remain positive. Next year will be much different.

e-Commerce in 2021 and Beyond

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It should come as no surprise that in light of COVID-19 related closures, e-commerce has become an ever more integral part of our daily lives. Retailers of household goods, groceries, essential items, as well as non-essential, have in trial by fire fashion been required to provide appropriate infrastructure to ensure said goods are made available for consumers nationwide. This not only requires robust technological platforms, but sophisticated distribution networks including delivery services and warehousing in near immediate fashion.

The Logistics Scare and Nearshoring

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In 2019, logistics spending accelerated with an 11.4% increase parallel to the e-commerce growth within the United States. In the past decade we have seen industrial rents hit an all-time high, but the demand for more space is growing. The hiccups this nation has faced in its international supply chain logistics validate the necessity for expansion in our nation’s infrastructure.