From Wall Street to Commercial Real Estate

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To become a successful salesperson, one must also embrace change – it sounds simple, but as everyone knows, doing things the same way can be comforting, but not effective. If a salesperson wants to grow, they must embrace new challenges – whether it’s new technology, new products, new clients or new colleagues. I like to say, “be like a shark, always moving”, so the momentum you generate keeps you engaged.

Value of Time, an Honored Tradition

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Our New Jersey leading, family-owned and run, commercial real estate company for the past ten decades has believed that all you have is your time and your product knowledge. It is important to share them wisely with clients and build relationships large and small.

Top Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

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By Coleen R. Conklin & Whitney Driver-Crimmins

We live in a connected world where customers are empowered more than ever with so many choices and so much information at their fingertips. In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, commercial real estate professionals need to be creative about how to engage and connect with their customers through a mix of technology and tried and true relationship building skills.