The Value of Value – Experience Matters Especially In Uncertain Times

In the world of commercial real estate, often it is difficult to get the experts to unilaterally agree on anything.  In 2020, everyone has agreed we are in uncertain times in the world and this is the time that certainty is needed the most.  Having a trusted real estate advisor on your side has never been more important.  There has never been a time that investors, landlords, tenants. . .  have needed to value and place value in their brokers more, and the year is only half over.

The word value comes from the Latin word valere –  “Be strong, be Worth” and for well over the last 32,000 days, The Blau & Berg Company has been just that for our clients, day in and day out, 32,000 straight days of learning from the day before, the week before, the month, quarter, year, decades – over nine decades of leadership and serving our clients with value and valuing them.

In certain and uncertain times, and these unprecedented uncertain times, having a privately held eighty-eight-year-old firm, that answers to itself rather than shareholders of a publicly traded company, allows flexibility and real time data to be applied to every aspect of the business.  Words that define and describe value are the same that make up the threads and fibers that weave the story of The Blau & Berg Company;

Merit     Worth      Usefulness      Use
Utility      Practicality      Advantage
Desirability      Benefit      Gain Profit
Good Service      Help      Helpfulness
Assistance      Effectiveness      Efficacy
Avail      Importance      Significance      Point
Sense      Mileage
Principles      Moral Principles
Ethics      Moral Code
Morals      Moral Values
Moral Standards
Code of Behavior
Rules of Conduct
Standards of Behavior
Evaluate      Assess      Estimate Appraise
Assay      Rate
Appreciate      Rate (highly)
Esteem      Hold in High Esteem
Hold in High Regard      Hold Dear
Have a High Opinion of      Think Highly of
Think Much of      Attach Importance to
Respect      Admire      Prize      Cherish
Treasure      Cherished      Treasured      Dear
Prized      Worth Its/One’s Weight in Gold
Special      Appreciated      Esteemed      Respected
Highly Regarded      Well Thought of


With agents having over 200,750 combined days (550 years) of experience, we are a VALUE to all small and large in these uncertain and unprecedented times. The Blau & Berg Company is the value sought out in good, troubled, as well as certain and uncertain times.