Top Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

We live in a connected world where customers are empowered more than ever with so many choices and so much information at their fingertips. In this rapidly evolving digital landscape, commercial real estate professionals need to be creative about how to engage and connect with their customers through a mix of technology and tried and true relationship building skills. In order to be competitive, The Blau & Berg Company uses the following strategies to go above and beyond the basics.

Commercial real estate success is built on communication and interpersonal relationships. Creating and improving relationships with clients should always be at the forefront – regular emails or calls are a simple way to keep a customer relationship going. Attending industry networking events and trade shows is also key – nothing can replace showcasing your product and business in a face-to-face setting.

Make lists or setup reminders in your CRM tool to follow up with each of your clients. Don’t under estimate the power of word-of-mouth – even simple gestures can get your clients talking about you and your company. Recently one of Blau & Berg’s clients, Michael Lilonsky, President of Allied Brothers International stated, “They make us feel like family. That’s the difference.” We pride ourselves on making meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients. They benefit from our “customer first” strategy, which in turn helps us to gain new business through referrals.

Digital Content
Customers are constantly looking for quality content. Distributing valuable and relevant content will attract and retain your audience by communicating without selling. The goal is to increase brand awareness for your company, educate your customers, position your company as industry thought leaders and build customer loyalty. Here are a few key tools for distributing content.

This example may seem obvious, however, a website today cannot be stagnant. The content should constantly be updated to drive traffic and improve SEO. At The Blau & Berg Company, we keep our content fresh through a monthly blog post, highlighting new listings on a Featured Properties page, issuing company news, and distributing a quarterly market report featuring timely industry data. Our customers look to us as industry experts not only because of our experience and success, but also because of the market knowledge that we share to help drive their business.

Social media
According to Internet Marketing Ninjas, 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions. A strong and active social media presence should not only inform, but also engage customers through a mix of curated content and company information, including property listings, services and other news. It is also important to monitor industry publications, influencers, blogs, etc. to stay on top of relevant topics. Tools like Buffer, HootSuite and Sprout Social are good examples of user-friendly and low-cost services for scheduling social media posts, measuring engagement and monitoring social exposure for your company.

In addition to sharing content on social networks, the sales team can also participate in social conversations with clients, partners, industry publications, etc. by commenting on social media posts and industry blogs, joining discussion groups and utilizing appropriate hashtags.

Even with a higher inbox volume than ever, email remains one of the most effective digital marketing tools for supporting leasing and sales efforts. Email is also an easy way to reach customers via mobile. The first step is to build, segment and maintain a database of current clients and prospects. Then comes the tactical part – determining the cadence of communication, and, of course, the content. The Blau & Berg Company has experienced success in email marketing when the content is concise, includes photos and links to additional information on our website. We also recommend using the tools available in your email platform to analyze open and click through rates. The email program will provide a list of who specifically opened and clicked through your emails, which can be used as a follow-up tool for brokers. Email marketing keeps us connected with our customers and is key to continuing the conversation.

Often overlooked due to the misconception of how long it takes to produce one, videos are an interactive tool for engaging your customers by telling a visual story. With technology today, videos are easy to create and edit with apps like iMovie, Filmmaker Pro and Splice. Showcase your company and its history, feature testimonials from clients and educate potential and current clients on why they should utilize your services. Video can also be used in a more informal way via social media by posting coverage of your company at an industry event or a charitable golf outing. The possibilities are endless. The best part about video content is that it can be creative and fun – for the producer and the audience.

Press Coverage
A strategic public relations plan is essential to making an impact on your business. By engaging in a strategy focused on brand awareness and reputation, PR efforts can bring new business opportunities and leads. The company and its leadership can also become a trusted media source, which will in turn help to establish you as a thought leader in your core markets and areas of expertise. Reporters and editors are always looking for the latest trends and there is no one better than experts in the field such as your company’s leadership and sales teams to be sources for what is happening in the industry. Press outreach is also a great way to receive coverage for recently close deals completed by your sales team. Make sure to include a point of view – media alerts that tout a completed deal but also include an industry perspective will pique the interest of the media.

These strategies have helped The Blau & Berg Company establish lasting relationships with our clients and continue the tradition of personal service. We value the reputation we have built based on our expertise and commitment to our clients’ success.