Value of Time, an Honored Tradition

In line 284 of Book Three of Virgil’s Georgics the famous Latin phase “Tempus Fugit” or “Time Flies” is born, where it appears as fugit inreparabile tempus or “it escapes, irretrievable time”. Time has been a big part of The Blau & Berg Company for the last 88 years, tracing its roots to 1932, the firm has stood the test of time, surviving and thriving, even in depression, war and recession. The US unemployment rate was 24.1% the year the firm was founded.

This company grew with America. Its owners and employees have fought in America’s wars since the firm’s inception. Most people do not realize that the United States has not been at war for only 14 years since 1776. To put into perspective the age of the firm and the time that has gone by since 1932, think of the following facts: there have been fourteen presidencies since the firm was formed, a loaf of bread was 7 cents, a car was $610 and average annual wages were $1,650.

Our New Jersey leading, family-owned and run, commercial real estate company for the past ten decades has believed that all you have is your time and your product knowledge. It is important to share them wisely with clients and build relationships large and small. This will pay and has paid the dividends, through war and bad economies, and through times of peace and good economies. The Blau & Berg Company has continued to grow with 2019 being its best year in the last 88 years! Much of that is attributed to good leadership, collaboration and making sure the sales team gives each and every client the time they need to assess, strategize, make decisions and ultimately come away satisfied with the results.