Logistics, Land, and Industrial Real Estate

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Industrial real estate, and more importantly, logistics real estate, serves as the conduit everyday consumers have become accustomed to receiving goods and services. Warehouses provide for product storage, truck terminals and distribution centers bring the product one step closer to the consumer while storage yards for trucks, trailers, and containers allow for the aggregation of equipment necessary to match the product to the consumer. The consumer, however, is the catalyst that dictates how each of these components thrives or declines, and ultimately interacts.

Warehouses 101

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Location is aways the key – Roads, Highways & Traffic Flow – Proximity to Airport, Railway Stations, Ports and Markets – Building Availability, Rental Rates & Taxes – Workforce Skills and Availability – Parking usually equates to one parking space per 1,000 SF

Cannabis & Industrial Real Estate

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By John Sawyer

Millions of dollars are being spent to make new and old warehouses suitable for cannabis cultivation around the country. Most business owners, investors, and commercial real estate brokers are aware of their use, but can New Jersey be missing out on a major economic opportunity because marijuana is not legal?